Back with a fix

Hey wassup blog? has been a really really long time since I'm not blogging anymore. Well, maybe today imma tell u a bit about my life right now. Its... damn really undescribable. It has become more and more and morreeee fuckin complicated and colorful. Senior High School life has really really really taught me gazilions of life lessons. Starts from the school subject after I found it were really hard for me, but I raised up and finish them all and finally I got my Social Science Class! people I met, I knew, then be my bestfriend. He really taught me a lot of lessons about living as a teenager. Then I met somebody, who were never expected before for me to fall in love with her, but she took me by surprise, and it was really unpredictable. And maybe lot more stories that I cant tell u everything right here. I just hope for 1 thing, God give me strength through all my problems, today and everyday. Thanks Jesus for everything. Amen


Where I Would Be

Welcome to the holidays.. less than a month the holidays will over and i haven't done any good things yet.. well my holidays are full of boredom, missin my gf, walk around malls, and i spent more of my time in my bed, sleeping and wondering.. but one of the most frustating thing these days is choosing the seniorhigh school for me -_- it sucks actually cause there's always a big big trouble in every school i want.. well here's the list of the possibilities for my future senior high school and sorted from my favorite:

1. SMAK 7 Penabur (yeay i love this school, i love the atmosphere there, ppl are kinda friendly, cool uniform, high discipline , girls there are cuties ;), Christian school, aaand.. the school is cool,too.. yeah i just love this school.. but i'm late for re-registration-_- thats the main problem for this school..)

2. SMAN 28 (I dont ever imagine to go to this school but dad works hard for me to be accepted in this school for reserve._,)

3. Pelita Harapan Intl. School (well this school is great, international-standard, and the graduates are guaranteed to study abroad.. but its quite far from jakarta, and the curriculum there are very different so i think its very hard for me to get into the lesson)

4. SMAN 81 (another public school for reserve)

5. SMA Marsudirini (this is the chosen school when my parents got desperate with my senior high school -__-, located near my house, but the school isnt good)

Wellwell thats the possibilities of where i would study for 3 years in senior high.. some people said that it wasnt the school who makes them successful, school is only helping, but the student itself who determined their future.. yeah thats true, but i think school helps the student to have a motivation to success.. sooo i really really hope to be in penabur.. but if aint got that school, may God show me where's the best school for me, amen :)

thankies for reading guys (sorry for bad grammar, i'm still learning ;)

hasta la vista ~

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hey long time no post! btw I'm moving to tumblr but I'll still write some of my lifestory here ;)

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Labs On Christmas, 14-01-2010

Was held on January 14th, 2010 at PPGC Rawinala

This is the place that we can be so grateful of what we have

although they are defective, they have extraordinary talents. Praise the Lord

They lead every song we sing

School's co headmaster and the owner of the orphanage sat together

we show our suave & shake hands with them

and God, thanks for this experience, thanks for my life. Amen